Dimensions & Weights

Jet 25 PRV 15-25mm Dimension Diagram
Valve Size (inch)1/23/41
Valve Size (mm)152025
A (mm)152025
B (mm)152228
C (mm)202532
D (mm)110110114
E (mm)959597
F (mm)989898
G (mm)
H (mm)262626
Kv (m3/H)2.602.803.00
Weight (Kg)0.600.640.74

Pressure / Temperature

Pressure / Temperature Rating


Test Pressures (Hydraulic)



Adjusting screwBrass
Cone discBrass
Hexagon screwBrass
Joint ring sealNBR
Nozzle insertPOM
Regulating handleCapron PA6
SpringStainless steel
Spring BonnetCapron PA6
StrainerStainless steel
Valve spindleBrass


Jet 25 PRV 15-25mm

Jet 25 PRV 15-25mm

  • WRAS approved
  • Corrosion resistant to BS EN12502
  • Integral filter on the inlet
  • Designed to be drip tight in no flow conditions
  • Tested to DVGW flow rates and noise levels
  • DN15 to DN25 have BSP ends and compression adaptors for connecting to copper tube.

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