Dimensions & Weights

73N  Flanged CI Gate Valve PN6 Dimension Diagram
Valve Size (inch)2 1/234
Valve Size (mm)6580100
A (mm)6580100
B (mm)259319362
C (mm)160160180
D (mm)170180190
E (mm)7591112
F (mm)160190210
G (mm)130150170
H (mm)444
I (mm)141919
J (mm)108124144
K (mm)161818
L (mm)
M (mm)1.071.732.76
PN (Bar)666
Weight (Kg)12.517.825.7

Pressure / Temperature

Pressure / Temperature Rating


Test Pressures (Hydraulic)

Shell:9 Bar
Seat: 6.6 Bar 


BodyCast ironA126 CL.B
Body seat ringCast bronzeB62
BonnetCast ironA126 CL.B
Bonnet boltCarbon steel
Bonnet bushCast bronzeB62
Bonnet nutCarbon steel
DiscCast ironA126 CL.B
Disc seat ringCast bronzeB62
GasketNon abestos packing
GlandDuctile iron
Gland boltCarbon steel
Gland nutCarbon steel
Gland packingNon asbestos packing
HandwheelCast ironA126 CL.B
Name plateAluminum
Name plateAluminum
StemForged brassB124 C37700
Stem nutCast bronzeB62
Wheel nutCarbon steel


73N  Flanged CI Gate Valve PN6

73N Flanged CI Gate Valve PN6

  • Bolted Bonnet
  • Inside screw
  • Non rising stem
  • PN6 flanges - BS EN 1092-2

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