Dimensions & Weights

Wafer Pattern Double Offset Class 300 Dimension Diagram
Valve Size (inch)22 1/23456810121416182024
Valve Size (mm)506580100125150200250300350400450500600
A (mm)92103111122143165211241271325365408452517
B (mm)135147157179193214258290325376425463506581
C (mm)2828283333325555658180111111111
D (mm)444749555760738494117133149160182
E (mm)1315151923232836435151637381
F (mm)91111141717--------
KEY ()------810121313162023
G (mm)11111111112121414192222191919
H (mm)71717171103103125125141165165254254254
J (mm)127150169201235270331388451515572629686813
K (mm)1061120125155184214268323382410468532584692

Pressure / Temperature

Wafer Pattern Double Offset Class 300 Pressure/Temperature Graph

Pressure / Temperature Rating

Class 300
Carbon Steel -20oF to 400oF
740 PSIg at 100oF
Stainless Steel -20oF to 400oF
720 PSIG at 100oF 

Test Pressures (Hydraulic)



Anti-Extrusion RingStainless Steel 316
BodyA351-CF8M or A216-WCB
Lower BearingStainless Steel 316/PTFE
Packing GlandStainless Steel 316
SeatGlass Filled TFM 1700
Seat RetainerA351-CF8M or A216-WCB
Stem SealPTFE
Thrust RingStainless Steel 316
Upper BearingStainless Steel 316/PTFE


Wafer Pattern Double Offset Class 300

  • Class 300
  • Available in Stainless or Carbon Steel bodies
  • Stainless Steel disc
  • PTFE or Graphite Stem Seals
  • Glass filled TFM 1700 Seat
  • Fire safe design
  • ISO mount flange with recessed packing gland
  • Extended neck to allow for Pipe insulation
  • Postive cast position stop

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