Dimensions & Weights

83A 3 Piece Carbon Steel Ball Valve Dimension Diagram
Valve Size (inch)1/43/81/23/411-1/41-1/22
Valve Size (mm)810152025324050
A (mm)9.4012.712.719.0425.438.0938.0950.8
B (mm)71.1171.1171.1193.47106.42114.3126.49148.84
C (mm)22.6022.6022.6027.9433.2750.0350.0365.02
D (mm)130.04130.04130.04140.49165.86168.91168.91213.35
E (mm)76.7076.7076.7086.36121.91119.38119.38138.93
F (mm)51.3051.3051.3060.9567.8197.5397.53124.96
G (mm)25.6525.6525.6530.4734.0348.7648.7662.46
H (mm)35.3035.3035.3041.9145.7263.2463.2480.51
Weight (Kg)

Pressure / Temperature

83A 3 Piece Carbon Steel Ball Valve Pressure/Temperature Graph

Pressure / Temperature Rating

CWP 1500
Vacuum service to 29 in of Hg
150 pisg saturated steam
CE mark 1"-1/4 and larger 

Test Pressures (Hydraulic)



BallStainless SteelASTM A276-316SS
BodyCarbon SteelASTM-A216-WCB
Body GasketRPTFE
End CapsCarbon SteelASTM A216-WCB
Packing GlandStainless SteelASTM A276-316SS
StemStainless SteelASTM A276-A276-316SS


83A 3 Piece Carbon Steel Ball Valve

83A 3 Piece Carbon Steel Ball Valve

  • Full port carbon steel body
  • 3 Piece construction with enclosed fasteners
  • Stainless Steel trim and hardware
  • Swing out centre section
  • Pressure balanced solid ball
  • Compression controlled RPTFE gaskets
  • Anti-blowout one piece bottom entry stem
  • Two postion locking
  • ISO 5211 mounting
  • End connections available in a combination of Butt weld, NPT, BSPP, BSPT

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