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Pressure / Temperature

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Electric Actuator

Electric Actuator

  • Light weight electric actuator
  • Available in power ranges of 24v ACDC 110-240v AC
  • Rated voltage tolerance of + - 10%
  • Electrical impedance 230v 100k 24v 4.7k
  • IP65 - IP67
  • Ambient Temperature - 10oC + 50oC
  • Robust housing with great chemical resistance
  • Flexible configuration due to modular design
  • Intergrated manual override
  • Can have the follow options:
  • Fail safe unit With Battery back up
  • Heating element
  • Emergency manual override plug set
  • Additonal limit switches - Ag-Ni, AU NPN, PNP
  • Testing adaptor
  • AS interface module
  • Monitoring print to monitor:
  • selected number of cycles
  • selected maximum motor current
  • Cycle time extension
  • Cycle time monitoring
  • Position Signalization fo 4-20mA feedback
  • For full technical specifications and dimensions please contact Valvestock.

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