Dimensions & Weights

Gate Valve Class 1500 Dimension Diagram
Valve Size (inch)1/23/411 1/22
Valve Size (mm)1520254050
A (mm)90110127130150
B (mm)175217234295375
C (mm)120175175200260
D (mm)11.515.19.53240
Weight (Kg)

Pressure / Temperature

Pressure / Temperature Rating

1500 p.s.i. @ 850oF
3705 p.s.i. @ 100oF
Construction BS 5352
Socket weld ASME B16.11
Threaded ASME B1.20.1
Butt weld ASME B16.25
Test BS 6755 (Pt.1) 

Test Pressures (Hydraulic)

Body: 5575 p.s.i.
Seat: 4100 p.s.i.
Air under water:
Seat : 85 p.s.i. 


There are no materials defined for this product.


Gate Valve Class 1500

Gate Valve Class 1500

  • Forged Gate Valves available in Full Bore and with a a range of materials: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, alloys, and special alloys such as
  • Monel, Inonel, Incoloy, Hastelloy, Duplex, Superduple etc.
  • End connections available in Socket weld, NPT, Socket weld NPT, and Butt weld
  • Can be Supplied with Bonnet weld, Bellow seal, ISRS, Extend body, Cryogenic, Weldolet and Lattern ring.
  • Valves are CE marked according to PED 97/23/CE and manufactured in according to ISO9001

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