Dimensions & Weights

Cast Steel Check Valves Dimension Diagram
Valve Size (inch)22 1/234568101214161820243036
Valve Size (mm)506580100125150200250300350400450500600750900
A (RF) Class 150 (mm)203216241292330356495622698787864978978129515241955
A (RTJ) Class 150 (mm)216229254305343368508635711800876991991130815371968
A (BW) Class 150 (mm)203216241292330356495622698787864978978129515241955
A (RF) Class 300 (mm)267292318356400444533622711838864978101613461594-
A (RTJ) Class 300 (mm)283308333371416460550638727854880994103513681619-
A (BW) Class 300 (mm)157292318356400444533622711838864978101613461594-
A (RF) Class 600 (mm)282330356432-559660788838889990109211921397--
A (RTJ) Class 600 (mm)295333359435-562664791841892994109512001407--
A (BW) Class 600 (mm)292330356432-599660788838889990109211941397--
B Class150 (mm)1651781862172302663183684064324836006607409801035
B Class 300 (mm)178191211246305318356394482533584590614709865-
B Class 600 (mm)187216278316-400432483508572660730800900--
Weight Class 150 (Kg)192629486977133266347451556784835158021203344
Weight Class 300 (Kg)21324361841312132844496808401025132019603270-
Weight Class 600 (Kg)526375122-2273466287968921200160024203150--

Pressure / Temperature

Pressure / Temperature Rating


Test Pressures (Hydraulic)



There are no materials defined for this product.


Cast Steel Check Valves

Cast Steel Check Valves

  • API Swing Type Non return valve
  • Bolted Cover
  • Design standards: BS1868, API6D, ASME B16.34
  • Wall Thickness API600
  • Available in a range of Materials
  • End Coneections available in:
  • Raised Face,
  • Ring type joint
  • ANSI B16.5
  • ASME B16.47 Series A or B,BS4504 PN16 PN25 PN40 PN64 etc
  • BS10 Table D E F G H etc
  • Undrilled
  • Butt weld ANSI B16.25
  • Marking MSS-SP-25
  • All Valves are individually pressure tested, before painting, to ensure integrity of the sealing surfaces. Usual testing is to API598 Other testing standards available
  • All valves are manufactured in accordance with various international standards including ANSI, API, ASME BS and ISO
  • Other ratings available

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