Dimensions & Weights

Saunders KB Unlined Dimension Diagram
Valve Size (mm)1520253240506580100125150200250300350
A (mm)105105165165165176234270313335435406557628665
B (mm)9797159159159156210238277293379----
C (mm)108117127146159190216254305356406521635749980
D (mm)130150160180200230290310350400480600730850980
E (mm)8080120120120120170230280280368368483584699
Weight (Kg)2.022.314.124.355.4510.211.217.931.446.267.3109195294462

Pressure / Temperature

Saunders KB Unlined Pressure/Temperature Graph

Pressure / Temperature Rating

Pressure and Temperature ratings dependant on body materials and diaphragms in use
with media applications and service conditions.
Please speak to our sales team about your enquiry. 

Test Pressures (Hydraulic)



There are no materials defined for this product.


Saunders KB Unlined

Saunders KB Unlined

  • KB Type diaphragm valves have been developed to handle a wide range of media
  • Operate and close 100% leaktight
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Low pressure drop
  • Cavity free
  • Smooth bore
  • Can be operated manually or actuated
  • Options for locking devices, switchboxes and positioners
  • A range of body materials available in:
  • Cast iron,SG iron,Cast steel,Gunmetal,Stainless steel
  • Flanged options:
  • PN10/16,Table D,ANSI 125/150, JIS10K
  • Range of Diaphragms for various applications

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