Saunders A Type (Weir) Valve

Key features:

Ease of maintenance: Three part design allows maintenance and actuator retrofitting without removing the valve from the pipeline.
Overall this results inlower cost of ownership compared to other valve types.

Pocketless design for contamination free performance and smooth
flow characteristics.
Linear operation ensures valve does not induce damaging pressure
surges or static charges.

On pressure and vacuum, Saunders diaphragm valves operate and close
100% leaktight even after thousands of operations. This feature reduces
processing and handling costs, by eliminating emissions normally
associated with conventional valve designs.

All working parts of the valves are isolated from the line media and positive
closure is obtained even on frequent cycling or with entrained particulates
in the line unlike quarter turn ball and butterfly valves.

Throttling and control characteristics are enhanced by a streamlined flow path that is cavity free and provides excellent flow control capabilities.
Extended life, reliability, safety and ease of use, combined with an essentially
simple design, results in low maintenance for minimum running costs.

The Saunders valve can be installed in any position without affecting
its operation. However, we recommend 6x pipe diameter from bend or pump.





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