Saunders Valve Linings

Some examples of valve linings and applications:

Hard rubber -NR -HRL Used for salts in water, dilute mineral acids 
  chlorine water, de ionised water, plating solutions
  and potable water 
Soft butyl rubber  IIR-BL Good for corriosive and abrasive slurries, mineral acids 
  acidic slurries 
Glass  Used in multi process chemical plants on acids and 
Polypropylene-PP Main applications include minerial acids, salts in water,
  water and effluent treatment chamicals 
Ethylene tetrafluoroethylene  Suitable for strong acids, salts in water at higher temp 
ETFE solvents at medium temp 
Perfluoroalkoxy -PFA Most suitable for concentrated mineral acids at high 
  temps, aromatic,aliphatic and chlorinated solvents 
Poltetrafluorothylene-PTFE Most suitaable for concentrated mineral acids at 
  higher temps, aromatic,aliphatic and chlorinated solvents 
Soft natural rubber-AA/SRL  High abrasion resistance, suitable for use on 
  powers, abrasive sluuries, clays, coal dust, dry  fertilizer 
Neoprene -NRL  Particulary suitable for animal,vegetable, fatty oils 
  and greases, abrasion resistance, over wide PH range



used for aggressive slurries 



Plastic lined body features :

sg body high mechanical strengh 
  sg body mechanically supports plastic  lining 
  lining protected from ultraviolet(UV)
  injection gate to side of weir flange means:
  smooth weir for diaphrapm sealing and zero leakage 
  lining lock on weir flange and iin bore inlet 
  lining thickness range 3-5mm DN20-DN150 
Rubber lined body features: soft rubber lining 
  butyl (isobutylene) 60-66oc IRHC 
  hard ebonite rubber HRL 75-85oc Shore D 
  Lining thickness range 2 - 4.5mm DN20 -DN350
Valve body production tests all saunders lined valves have weach body iindividually
  tested for lining integrity: 
  glass lining-spark test 10Kv ac
  rubber,butyl-spark test 14kv acdc
  rubber HRL spark test 17kv acdc
  plastic spark test 20kv acdc 


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