Saunders Diaphragm Materials

Saunders Rubber diaphragms are made from polymer materials which is bonded
with a high strength woven reinforcement to ensure maximum strengh and durability.

Some key features are:

Constructed with multi layers of rubber and nylon reinforcement
Rubber diaphragms have a brass stud.
Diaphragms are suitable for vacuum duty eg: CV have a steel stud which are attached with bonding adhesive and mechanical anchorage.
Diaphragms have a rib on face for weir flange and across weir for leak tight sealing and lower closure torque.
Compressor support in both the open and closed positions for extended life.

PTFE diaphragms have a two peice construction with PTFE face with rubber backing
diaphragm to increase pressure rating and durabilty .
These diaphragms have a stainless steel bayonet fitting to ensure reliable installation,
reduced poiont loading and ensure maximum life.
The 214K is a 3 peice diaphragm specially reinforced for chlorine service.

Saunders Diaphragms are provided with:
Coding tag fo both material  and batch number for easy identifcation
Saunders name to confirm genuine manufacture and reliabilty

Full traceability of manufacture to EN10204 31.b (was DIN 50049 31.b)
available upon request.

A Type Diaphragms 

Grade, Elastomer type and General service and approvals:

C: Butadiene Acrylonitrile,Sulphur cured ,Black reinforced  
Lubricating oil, Cutting oils, Paraffin, Animal and Vegetable oils,Aviation kerosene

CV: Butadiene Acrylonitrile,Sulphur cured, Black reinforced  
Vacuum where oils are present,compressed air, liquid petroleum gas (LPG)

HT:Polychloroprene, Sulphur cured, Black reinforced 
Abrasive slurries containing hydrocarbons

Q:Natural rubber polyisoprene/SBR,Sulphur cured, Black reinforced                 Salts in water,dilute acids and alkalis, abrasives

226: Fluoroelastomer, Amine cured,Black reinforced   
Concentrated acids, aromatic solvents, chlorine, ozone,chlorinated solvents, unleaded petroleum

237: Chlorosulphonated polyethylene,Metal oxide cured,Black reinforced         Strong acids, sodium hypochlorite, chlorine gas

286: Chlorosulphonated polyethylene, Metal oxide cured, Black reinforced  
       kevlar  fabric 
       Fire mains isolation in WFB valve

300: Isobutylene Isoprene, Resin cured, Black reinforced  
Salts in water, dilute acids and alkalis, drinking water,Food and Drug  
Administration (FDA), United States,Pharmacopeia (USP), Water  
Regulations AdvisoryScheme (WRAS)

425: Ethylene propylene (EPM) Organic peroxide cured, Black reinforced          Salts in water, acids and alkalis, ozone, intermittent steam,drinking water,   

425V: Ethylene propylene (EPM) Organic peroxide cured, Black reinforced   
Vacuum where acid, alkali, water vapours are present,FDA, USP, WRAS

214/226: Virgin PTFE/Fluoroelastomer –2 piece  
Strong acids, solvents, chlorine, bromine at higher temperatures

214/300: Virgin PTFE/Isobutylene isoprene - 2 piece  
Strong acids, alkalis and salts in water at high temperature.Constant steam,water for injection (WFI),biopharmaceuticals, FDA USP, WRAS

214/425:Virgin PTFE/Ethylene propylene -2 piece  
Strong acids, alkalis and salts in water at high temperature 
Constant steam, water for injection (WFI),biopharmaceuticals, FDA,USP,WRAS

214S/425:Virgin PTFE/PPVE/Ethylene propylene - 2piece 
Strong acids, alkalis and salts in water at high temperature. Constant and intermittent steam, WFI, biopharmaceuticals, FDA, USP, WRAS

214K/425:Virgin PTFE/PVDF/Ethylene propylene -3 piece 
Chlorine, bromine gas and chlorinated solvents
KB Type Diaphragms 

Grade,Elastomer type and General service and Approvals:

AA: Natural rubber (polyisoprene) metal oxide pigmented brown sulphur cured, black reinforced. 
Abrasives in slurry or dry powder form

C: Butadiene Acrylonitrile, (Nitrile)  sulphur cured, black reinforced           Lubricating oil, cutting oils,paraffin, animal and vegetable oils,aviation kerosene

HT: Polychloroprene, sulphur cured,black reinforced                                 Abrasives slurries containing hydrocarbons   

226: Fluoroelastomer, amine cured, black reinforced  
 Concentrated acids, aromatic solvents,chlorinated solvents,unleaded petroleum

300:Isobutylene Isoprene,resin cured black reinforced  
 Abrasive slurries, acid digested slurries,alkalis, dry powders

425: Ethylene propylene EPM) organic peroxide cured,black reinforced               Abrasive slurries,acid digested slurries, alkalis, dry powders                            




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