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With a thirty year history of supplying actuated and modified valves to industry, Valvestock has seen many changes. In the early days any valve fitted with an actuator was seen as a "bit different", so much so Valvestock set up its Special Product Division, with the sole aim of producing Engineered Solutions for industry.

Now that automation in industry is the norm. Valve packages that were seen as "specials" are now off the shelf items produced in matter of hours or days, not weeks or months. These deliveries are achieved by advances in Valve and Actuator designs, industrial standards, our long experience in this market and very close working relationship with leading manufacturers and customers. These items have become commodity items no different to bricks, nuts and bolts, flanges or white sanitary ware.

The specials we now supply come from this Engineered Solution philosophy. Our team of process sales engineers work closely with the customer to ensure that not only the valve but the actuator and all the ancillary items that go with them, are not only compatible with the media passing through the valve, but will meet the actuation or control requirements. This engineered solution applies equally to manual valves as well as actuated packages, with what may seems like a simple request, involving many hours of design work and manufacturing to produce a interlocking device or a lockable extended spindle for a manually operated valve.

As a result, of this specialist service Valvestock has secure many major projects over the years for all aspects of industry. We have supplied valves to put the chocolate on to biscuits, to pump oil across the Odessa Flats, valves for airfield crash tenders, milk processing plants, orange juice bottlers, water treatment, waste treatment, printing ink, power stations, Hydro electric Plants, in fact the list is endless.



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